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OfficeGRID® Turns Months into Days

MESH-Technologies has helped DHI Water & Environment, a global leader in the development of advanced modelling software for the World of Water, to make a parallel version of its MIKE SHE application using OfficeGRID. The software has been used in a project launched by the local authorities on Funen, Denmark. The project models the ground water of Funen and among other things allows simulation of ground water flows and water levels.

MIKE SHE is a very complex simulation model and getting the model parameters right is crucial for obtaining accurate results. Therefore automatic calibration procedures are in place, which can help the user determine good model parameters. With running times measured in hours for a single MIKE SHE simulation such procedures ends up taking more than a month, which makes them infeasible in many situations. This means that in real life one has to make a compromise, where a less exhaustive parameter calibration is performed, which takes a shorter but still daunting time to complete.

The OfficeGRID version of MIKE SHE solves the problem by distributing the workload over a number of PCs, thereby bringing the total running time down to days or even hours. Thus OfficeGRID has enabled DHI Water & Environment to deliver more precise results in less time.

DHI Water & Environment will soon make the OfficeGRID version of its software commercially available to other users.

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