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OfficeGRID® Connect

OfficeGRID Connect gives users a flexible access to application and hardware resources without the bottlenecks of a central server as in Windows Terminal Server or Citrix environments.

Furthermore OfficeGRID Connect is cross platform allowing Windows users to access Linux applications and Linux users to use Windows applications!

Whether you use a desktop, portable computer or a thin client, OfficeGRID Connect is a new and different approach to sharing company applications and hardware and utilize resources more efficiently.

OfficeGRID Connect offers many useful features and the most essential features, and there benefits, are listed below.

Features (click the links below to learn more)
Automatically connects users to available resources.
Cross platform (Windows and Linux/Unix).
Supports thin client computing.
Allows easy sharing of expensive applications.
Lets administrators match hardware and applications.
Administrators and users can save considerable time, because applications and hardware are matched, such that users get access to optimal hardware for each application type and administrators have central control.
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